Things to Do


Batticaloa Town is only 15 minutes away from Hotel Nirutha.


Pasikudha beach, recognized as one of safest beaches in Sri lanka is very famous among the travelers who travel around the sri lankan tourism areas. It is located in the eastern coast of Sri Lanka. The nearest city is Batticloa. Throughout the year the beach is fully crowded with travelers from all around the world. The sea is visualized with crystal clear water. Foreign travelers never miss this beach as it is known as an ideal destination for a sea bath.

Visitors are walking kilo meters in to the sea because the sea is not compared to other beaches of Sri lanka.They play, scream and entertain themselves in the beach. Even small children can dive in the sea. Some try to play with a surf board.



Above the entry to the fort, you can still make out the VOC symbol of the Dutch East Indies Company which dates back to 1638 when the Portugese were ousted.

In true fashion of the era, there are bastions on the four corners of the fort. The lagoon borders on the north and east with a moat on the west and part of the south sides. Cannons were originally mounted in the bastions, though today there are pillboxes mounted by the Sri Lankan Army.

Both out & in front of the fort entry and atop the northeastern bastion are cannon emblazed with the VOC symbol. Those on the northeastern bastion lying next to a more modern era Sri Lankan Army pillbox watching out over the lagoon and the lagoon bridge across the way.



The western coasts of Sri Lankan are well-known for their glorious sunsets. Here on this side, the sunrises are equally fine. Here, the sunrises over the lagoon and the pillboxes out in front of the old fort.